Fox in Sox FAQs

Have questions about our Fox in Sox subscription? Here are some answers you may be looking for:

Hey I've been charge twice and haven't received yarn yet?

Our system automatically charges re-occurring payments on the 20th of each month. If you originally purchased before the 20th of the month you will be charged again on the 20th for the following month. This means all club payments are two months in advance and also means that your last payment will be collected in October but you will receive yarn through the month of December. 

Will patterns be included each month?

We won't be offering a special pattern each month with this club. Everyone likes to make socks in their own way. We wouldn't want to decree what type or how you make your socks with each month yarn. If you are looking for inspiration stay tuned. We will be putting a list of patterns together soon that might help you find just the right thing. 

What about other fun notions or add-ons?

Yes! There will be a special stitch marker or progress keeper from Twin Mountain Handcrafts each month. We are thinking of some other exciting extras too.

What is the cost of shipping for the monthly and annual options?

Shipping (in the US) will be an additional $3.50 each month ($33.50 total club + shipping each month) or $31.50 for the annual plan covering all 9 months (club + shipping = $288.00 total)

Will the yarn be tonal, speckled or variegated?

The colors will be in a very similar style to our existing palette (I like what I like 😊) Mostly tonals but with a little bit of watercolor-y speckles (like our Pennies from Heaven colorway) and subtle variegation (like Come on a My House) Also, one of the new bases is a tweed base with multi-colored flecks instead of traditional black.

Can I combine shipping with some other things I'm ordering? 

Unfortunately not. We are a tiny operation with limited resources and just don't have the man power to manage those complications at this time.

How do I manage or cancel my subscription?

Just log into your customer portal to make any changes, pause or cancel your subscription any time.